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Hi.  I'm Joanna :) I am an overwhelmed dreamer. I have several dreams a night. At times, I have so many dreams that the number overwhelmes me. By the time that I write them down, seek God and interpret them, it's time to sleep again. I took notes along my dream journey that many friends asked me to share so I began writing my book: A Dream Dictionary for the Overwhelmed Dreamer" I have posted most of the book in the Dream Dictionary link above. If you need help with dream interpretation please email me through my contact info below.

This webpage is a place that I have made for the things that the LORD reveals to me and the notes that Ive taken while learning along the way. I have links to many Bible Studies, Doodles in the Margin is where I talk about homeschooling and my projects, my blog is where I review books and curriculium, Songs by Jano is my podcast where I share the songs that I have written, my artwork, my youtube channel full of worship dance and family fun. I hope that you are encouraged and blessed by it.



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